Linux Support Specialist

Troubleshooting and Repairs
Web Services and Management
DNS and hosting management since 1996
Putting the pieces together for your success

With "Years of experience" working online
You can find answers here...

Experienced Linux Support Specialist

With "Years of experience" managing the Internet of things, you can find answers here.

  • We have answers because ...
  • Computer experience since the 1980's
  • Computer Sales and support since the 1990's
  • Spanning multiple operating systems from the beginning.
  • Debian, RedHat, Centos, Ubuntu, and their various flavors.
  • "Do you really want to know?" warnings for extremely long answers.
  • Experienced with Website, eMail. and Cyber Security solutions for 25 years.
  • Support for various firewall management and intrusion detection solutions.
  • You can tell us what you need to accomplish and we can tell you how to do it.

Years of Linux

Years of Linux Updates

Years building Linux Updates

Years of Professional Repairs


Linux Support Services

"Years of experience" on a variety of topics and lot's of answers.

Internet Consulting

We predate the internet using digital communication devices and can guide you through many of the internets best practices in a large variety of areas.

Linux Administration

We support the main distributions and web hosting control panels. We also support the ocean of additional apps that makeup what most folks call Linux.

Internet Ethics Consulting

If your regulatory compliance includes proper online ethics there are a variety of things we want to monitor. Most likely your web services have problems.

Website Security Enhancements

Some website applications do not require additional security adjustments, and some like WordPress greatly benefit from a variety of security tweaks.

Website Security Reviews

These days it doesn't matter if you think your website has been hacked or not. Most likely it has been and nobody was kind enough to tell you about it.

Cobalt and BlueOnyx Support

The home of Zeffie Storm the Cobalt consultant who dates back to the very first internet appliance webservers and still supports them but no longer makes updates for.

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